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Section containing DEMOS of Designs that you can choose for your Website. Remember that we will customize your selected Design according to your needs. If you can't find a Design you like then please contact us and we will send you many more Designs to choose from.

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  • Design 1401

    Design 1401

    A clean, sleek and professional Design with a Corporate feel.

  • Design 1402

    Design 1402

    A visually clean Design and fully Responsive.

  • Design 1403

    Design 1403

    An elegant Design with bold colours and subtle textures that combined make this a striking Design.

  • Design 1404

    Design 1404

    A stunning 1-page Design that features Full-screen Video, Full-screen Maps, a full-width Gallery with photo-set grid layout as well as a built-in Slide-show. 

  • Design 1405

    Design 1405

    A clean magazine theme with full width slideshow plus Optional E-commerce facilities.

  • Design 1407

    Design 1407

    A super clean ecommerce theme for an E-Commerce Website. Treat yourself (and your products) to a powerful new experience and light up the shop-o-sphere with this flexible and versatile shopping theme.

  • Design 1408

    Design 1408

    An ideal Website Design for showcasing your online and offline work. It features an elegantly simple design and intelligently implemented responsive functionality which makes it an ideal theme for your website whether your users are using their mobile or desktop or anything in between. It's a responsive template that comes with a ton of features, simple colour schemes and a lot of white space

  • Design 1409

    Design 1409

    A minimal and stylish news portal /magazine theme. It features a responsive Design with a tonne of module positions and module classes that allow you to re-arrange the content of your Website to different prefixed positions.

  • Design 1410

    Design 1410

    Need to have Web Presence but you don't need a full blown website? This Design is an elegant one page profile theme designed to put you online fast so you can spend more time on doing more important things. A beautiful one page Design that is ideal for showcasing your professional services. It's a responsive design for those times when you don't need a full website but you still need to impress!

  • Design 1411

    Design 1411

    A Clean & Neat one-page Design which is simple scrolling and based on our popular Responsive template. It's a single page designed to give you a starting point to create your own one page scrolling masterpiece! 

  • Design 1412

    Design 1412

    A creative business focussed Design that provides rich and elegant styling combined with a ton of white space to deliver the elegant minimalism that you have come to know and love from our templates. Just like all of our templates this is a responsive Design which means it will fit perfectly in the browser regardless of your device's screensize. This Design merges soft, blurry header elements with crisp lines and lots of white space. It's the ideal theme for showcasing your business, services or pretty much everything else. 

  • Design 1413

    Design 1413

    Flexible & Responsive designed to bring your content into focus. It's part magazine, part blog, part gallery and part what ever you like. This Design allows you to create a wide range of layouts for your Website. Layouts include a magazine-like masonry walls, fullwidth slideshows and grids, as well as featured video, images and music. This template is also responsive which means it will scale to fit perfectly on any device.

  • Design 1414

    Design 1414

    An ideal business template for your Website - clean and simple with an understated elegance. It's a responsive template built on the powerful T3 Joomla template framework which provides incredible control to the person updating the Website.

  • Design 1415

    Design 1415

    A simple responsive Design built with powerful features under the hood. It's a responsive design that scales effortlessly across all devices. Suitable for business, travel, blog, portal, magazine or other websites.

  • Design 1416

    Design 1416

    This Design gives you full control over the images and scroll speed used in each parallax section which means that you can tinker with how quickly the images hide and disappear. Another responsive Design that will scale your content effortlessly in your browser regardless of the device your visitor is using. It features an elegant implementation of the now ubiquitous parallax effect. Scroll up and down the page and watch as the grasshopper, donkey and birds play peak-a-boo behind your content - all of which will of course be replaced with your company's photos.

  • Design 1418

    Design 1418

    A unique creation that mixes grunge elements, odd shapes, a bold colour palatte and a stunnign header background. It's the ideal accompaniment for adventure, travel or even organic product focussed websites. Beautifully designed with a stunning sunlit landscape fused with bold retro colour schemes.

  • Design 1419

    Design 1419

    A Responsive Business Design ideal for any type of Business that wants to showcase its services. Don't let the DEMO of this Design fool you. The DEMO uses a 'Hosting Services' dummy company, however, this Template is ideal for any type of Services you offer. If you need a simple design to showcase your products, then this Design is the ideal solution for you. It's a clean and simple responsive Template with a tonne of power under the hood for creating a truly device agnostic experience for your users.

  • Design 1420

    Design 1420

    An enigmatic and elegant Design. Dark textured backgrounds, with razor sharp bevels and clean typography make this Template somthing you can be inspired by. A Design that features a full container width slideshow smooth masonry filter display on the front page.

  • Design 1421

    Design 1421

    Blessed with a beautiful grid layout, this Design is super fast, super fun and super sexy ...

  • Design 1422

    Design 1422

    Optimised to work on all screen sizes. It scales responsively and fits inside the browser window regardless of the screen size. One template to fit all devices. A responsive Design built for business, portfolios, portals as well as blog based Websites. It's clean, elegant, super flexible and comes with a ton of theming options

  • Design 1423

    Design 1423

    This type of design is popular among businesses and product type websites. A dark navigation, banner and to area offset by an off white content area, which is then supported by a dark footer or bottom area.  

  • Design 1424

    Design 1424

    The corporate template features a flexible responsive layout that changes according to the width of the users' browser (in browsers that support media queries). This means that you only need one template for the desktop, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. It is a flexible, responsive and clean Design featuring a full width background slideshow, 26 whopping Colour schemes and a clean business minded aesthetic .

  • Design 1425

    Design 1425

    A clean and classy magazine theme with full width slideshow.

  • Design 1426

    Design 1426

    A Design optimised to display across all browser widths and screen sizes. The same design is served up to desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones alike. Bold and beautiful, it is also a responsive design that comes with 8 vibrant colour themes.

  • Design 1427

    Design 1427

    This Design is optimised to display across all browser widths and screen sizes. It's the ideal template skeleton to embark on creating a beautiful responsive Website with. The new vanilla skeleton theme is built on the Zen Grid Framework v2.0 which is feature rich, mobile ready and easy to use. It's the ideal starting point for creating a new responsive Website

  • Design 1428

    Design 1428

    A Design that will allow you to quickly and easily update your website with full of modern features. This Design does a great job of automatically resizing at different resolutions.

  • Design 1429

    Design 1429

    A Design that comes together with many Module positions and Layout Options providing you with enough flexibility on how to lay-down your Website content. This template will allow you to quickly and easily update your website with full of modern features. This Design does a great job of automatically resizing at different resolutions.

  • Design 1430

    Design 1430

    The elegance of this theme is increased by dominating white color, which effectively covers the illustrations on the content area. The slider demonstrates high resolution photos, which could easily attract the customers. The template carries layouts for handheld device, so the clients could be comfortably connected to the website from anywhere.

  • Design 1431

    Design 1431

    A great example of minimalism of design, with a single white or black background that covers the layout, making the content the primary focus. There are also a series of small, subtleelements, such as icons in titles, and basic colored shapes in the menu.

  • Design 1432

    Design 1432

    A corporate themed design, with its shaded backgrounds, light mainbody areas and subtleinfuses of color. Perfect for different types of Websites/Businesses due to its combination of visual character. There are also 8 configurable preset styles are available!

  • Design 1433

    Design 1433

    A responsive grid system is designed for desktops, tablets and mobiles, each with minor modifications to ensure compatibility in each. 

  • Design 1434

    Design 1434

    A visually rich template with unique presets and with alot of attention to details. This design brings life to your content, creating a positive user experience for your visitors.

  • Design 1443

    Design 1443

    A professional veneer with its subtle contrasts between background shades and patterns with the content. It has a selection of eight preset styles with configurable colors, backgrounds and patterns for easy adjustment, such as for corporate branding.

  • Design 1444

    Design 1444

    A 'streamlined' type of a Design which is still visually enticing and usable. A more simplified Template with many extras removed.

  • Design 1445

    Design 1445

    A visually intricate, distinct design is echoed in its titles. With features that add a scrolling menu that follows your viewport as you scroll. Each menu item uses an icon from a library.

  • Design 1446

    Design 1446

    A beautifully versatile template with rich design elements to invigorate your site content. The template is separated into diverse visual sections, with subtle, blurred or patterned background to complement content, without sacrificing graphical appeal.

  • Design 1447

    Design 1447

    A semi-transparent focused design, allowing rich and subtle full page backgrounds to filter through, to stunning effect. The transparency is focused mainly in the header, showcase and footer areas, where the preset backgrounds are most graphical.

  • Design 1448

    Design 1448

    A visually interactive design, with CSS transformations to allow template elements to pop in a three-dimensional manner. The appearance is enriched through brilliant icons and colored backgrounds. The 3D effects apply throughout.

  • Design 1450

    Design 1450

    A dynamic and rich design that puts your site's content at the forefront of user experience. Utilizing a wide variety of extensions, this Design is highly flexible. It is an excellent choice for online magazines and news sites.

  • Design 1460

    Design 1460

    A modern, sectioned based design, with a diverse infusion of background textures andpatterns. These enrich and differentiate your site whilst maintaining an overall conservative approach, for flexible site application. Its flexible Design also allows us to place Full Screen background Images at the top of the Front page.

  • Design 1461

    Design 1461

    A modern template that adopts a business or commercial centric visual model, with corporate background shades interwoven with configurable, vibrant or brand colors, allowing for an equilibrium betweenprofessionalism and artistic allure.

  • Design 1462

    Design 1462

    A vibrant but elegant design direction, allowing for full width beautiful backgrounds in the header, fixing them as the site's focal point. With a 'Fluid' Responsive Layout that adapts to the full width of the browser window, whilst still supporting normal responsive modes such as mobile and tablet.